Food delivery in Lviv from “Burek”

Burek is a delivery of chebureks or yantiks with a wide variety of fillings: from classic pork to extraordinary tuna. The main difference between chebureks and yantiks in Burek is the large amount of filling – so you can be sure that one cheburek is a full lunch or dinner.

We will make sure that you can get your order of chebureks or yantiks in Lviv quickly and on time. In Burek, everyone can choose a cheburek or yantik individually to his taste: with pork, chicken, cheese, tuna or sweet with delivery in Lviv. Additions of chili peppers, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms and herbs will deliciously complement any dish. To make the taste of cheburek or yantik perfect, we recommend choosing our sauces, the variety of which varies from the original to the traditional garlic, cheese and barbecue.