Delivery Zones in Lviv

Green zone

up to 29 min

We deliver 29 uah

Minimum order 120 uah


up to 39 min

We deliver 29 uah

Minimum order 120 uah

Red zone

up to 59 min

We deliver 29 uah

Minimum order 120 uah


Our service of delivery of chebureks and yantiks “Burek” has an accessible and convenient process of delivery and payment of our dishes. We have built all our mechanisms so that it was as easy and simple for our guests to place an order and get their dishes.

We deliver all over Lviv. For convenience, we have divided the delivery into 3 zones: green, yellow and red.

We appriciate your time and understand the importance of every minute. So in case of late order, we will give you an apology card, which will contain a pleasant surprise for the next order.

If you drive tired from work and on the way home you come across Burek – be sure to visit! Call 15 minutes before your visit, make a self-pickup of chebureks or yantiks and your dishes will be waiting for you hot!

Payment methods


Pay for your favorite meal by cash when it delivered


Pay for your favorite meals online through the LiqPay service or by card via terminal.

Burek Food Delivery in Lviv

Our menu is a combination of the crispy golden crust of dough with classic and non-standard fillings. If you like classics – then cheburek or yantik with pork and cheese or chili chicken will definitely satisfy your hunger. And to get a gastronomic delight, we recommend trying cheburek or yantik with tuna, which will definitely not leave you indifferent. And those who can not live without sweet – we offer sweet chebureks or yantiks with banana and chocolate or spicy cherries with home delivery.

We use only fresh ingredients, work with certified Ukrainian suppliers, combine professionalism and unique dough recipes and fillings to surprise you with the most delicious cheburek and yantik in your life.

The most important component in the preparation of chebureks is oil. Burek uses only special oil for deep frying. We have an oil audit every week – so you can be sure of the quality of our oil.